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About Bella Bear:


 Bella is a beautiful AKC Yorkie weighing about 5 pounds. Her Dad has 56 champions in a five generation pedigree! Bella is very sweet and loves to play.

Check out our new baby Yorkies!

Little bear and Bella Bear had five puppies on December 24th, 2014! Take a look at them in the Nursery!

About Little Bear:


About Lily:


 Little bear and very small and he only weighs 3 1/2 pounds. He is super sweet and loves to sit on your lap. He has a smooth and silky coat. We also do stud services.

 Lily is new to the family. She is extremely cuddly and loves to be by you. At other times she is very playful and chases around her toys. We love her very much. She has champion Bloodlines.

Bella Bear, Little Bear, and Lily

​Hi and welcome to my page. I have three dogs: Bella, Little Bear, and Lily. Bella and Little Bear have had past litters.  We have a new addition to our family recently. Her name is Lily! When she is old enough she will have puppies too.

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